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New Born Screening

New born screening is recommended by medical associations across the world, and NBS is now a mandatory, (paid for by the Government) public health initiative in more than 50 countries across the world. For its contribution to child health, the NBS program has been voted as one of the TOP TEN Great Public Health Achievements in USA in the last decade. It has saved lives of millions of babies across the world and helped them live a normal life. Navigene offers the most comprehensive portfolio of New Born Screening tests, starting from options to screen for 4 basic disorders, to 110 such disorders using just a urine sample collected on a filter paper. Navigene offers its NBS services to top end corporate hospitals, nursing homes, IVF clinics and birthing centres across India and internationally

Metabolic Fingerprinting

MET Fingerprinting is a one-of-its- kind, advanced screening test that reveals the root causes of several health conditions or diseased states at an early stage. An individual's risk for many conditions like fatigue, headaches, allergies, weight gain, water retention, bloating & digestive problems, nutritional deficiencies, psychological & psychiatric problems lies in the weak links in his or her metabolism. Our metabolism determines our state of health and is the result of an interplay of our genes, thoughts, beliefs, diet, lifestyle and other environmental factors. These persistent and difficult-to-diagnose health issues can be tied to markers that can be assessed in one's urine samples. These markers when studied by Met-Fingerprinting can help practitioners design comprehensive and customized therapies to create ‘balance’ and promote youthfulness, energy, mental clarity and restore optimal metabolic health.


Stress is one of the major and invisible cause for all chronic lifestyle diseases in the modern world. MET STRESS aims to bring to you a unique way of knowing the stress levels your body is subjected to using urine sample collected, 4 different times during a day, on a special filter paper at the convenience of your home or office. The markers tested in here, if present persistently high for longer periods, can have major adverse impact on the health of an individual leading to cardiac problems, psychiatric problems, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, etc. If diagnosed in time through Met Stress and managed properly, all these adverse effects can be prevented.


Drug of Abuse Test

This test aims to find out 40+ drugs of abuse in one single urine sample in one single test in a confirmatory manner. This would be a significant advancement over the current tests which uses lateral flow devises to check for only 6-8 drugs, the results of which then have to be confirmed with other tests. Moreover, this test would be almost impossible to mask as is done with routine testing where one can drink lots of water and hence dilute one's urine, take certain medications to mask effects, use synthetic urine, etc., as this test will not only easily detect such issues and mark the same as inappropriate samples, but at the same time pick up even the minutest quantity of the drugs in question.  

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